Without the support of our 48 volunteers, Horry County would not have a free clinic. Clinic volunteers are committed to the belief that everyone deserves medical care. Volunteers generously donate their time and skills to accomplish this vision.

How You Can Volunteer

Join the clinic team and be in the company of some of Horry County's nicest, most generous people - the volunteers at Friendship Medical Clinic & Pharmacy. Some volunteers come once a week for 3-5 hours, others 3-5 hours once a month.

Please share your time and skills. For more information, give us a call at (843) 347-7199.

Why We Give, Some Thoughts from Our Team

"Times are hard, life is hard and struggles are many. The Patients I see at Friendship Medical Clinic are hardworking people that through circumstances of life or mishap have found themselves in a position that they can no longer afford healthcare. I see this as a tragedy and a consequence that any of us can find ourselves in. I firmly believe in the mission of Friendship Medical Clinic and am personally grateful for the staff, the volunteers and those that gift to the clinic. All are an integral part of the purpose and function of the clinic. And as for my service there, I receive far more in the joy that comes with giving that I can ever possibly repay."

-Pamela Pyle, DO

"The profession of medicine has been very good to me. Being able to volunteer at Friendship Medical Clinic is quite enjoyable and the Patients are so gracious."

-Medical Director, Reginald Daves, MD

"It is my firm belief that everyone in our nation should be provided some basic level of health care services, regardless of their ability to pay. Volunteering at Friendship Medical Clinic gives me the opportunity to act on that conviction and work with a group of very dedicated health care and administrative professionals."

-Joseph Moyer, MD

"Serving others by volunteering is the purest form of human kindness."

-Patty Gresko, Pharmacist-in-Charge

"Volunteering at the clinic is fun due to the personable staff, other volunteers, and appreciative Patients. I enjoy being able to keep abreast of new treatments and medications."

-Patty Dugan, RN

"We all work together for one cause - to serve mankind that may not have had the same opportunities that we have."

-Dean Mahaffery, RN

"I have the satisfaction of knowing I've helped someone get their needed medications. I always have a good time with the staff and other volunteers. It is a very good atmosphere."

- Susan Stevens, PAP worker

"I like to feel useful and this is definitely more fun than housework."

-Judy Propps, receptionist and PAP worker