Magnolia's Story

"You're too young to be this big," Dr. Moyer said.

"I cried for a week after Dr. Moyer stated that. With my high blood pressure and the strain on my heart, I may not live to see my two teenage kids reach their 20s," recalls Magnolia.

This was in 2007, when Magnolia weighed 343 pounds. Today, Magnolia has lost 188 pounds!


"I joined Crabtree Gym on the old Air Force base. Five days a week I work out from 10 a.m. to noon. Also, three days a week from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., I go to an aerobics class. On my days off I walk around the big lake for one to two miles."

Magnolia, who always has a beautiful, radiant smile, quit all junk food and all meats, and began eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and lots of salad!

"For salad dressing, I use two teaspoons of ranch dressing mixed with 1 teaspoon of olive oil," explains Magnolia. "As a reward I treat myself to a small bag of Doritos chips once a month. This small treat keeps me motivated because it satisfies my cravings. For breakfast I eat oatmeal and if I'm really hungry I will also have two scrambled eggs. I drink water with lemon and grapefruit juice.

"The first month I lost 15 pounds. After three months, I lost almost 50 pounds. At this point, I began adding fish to my diet, such as bass, spots, and sardines in salads."

When asked how she knew what to eat, Magnolia, says, "Most people know what is healthy and what is not. Also, the clinic has loads of literature and recipes for a healthy life style. Everyone at the clinic - doctors, nurses and staff - kept encouraging me and telling me how great I was looking in my clothes."

"My kids keep telling me how proud they are. I used to be too embarrassed to attend social functions. They too have lost weight and have joined the gym. When people ask me how I did it, I say, you just have to make a start and exercise will become your way of living. It is OK to reward yourself once a month with a small bag of whatever you crave. Today, my children and I are healthy and fit."

Magnolia is a single mom working at a fast food restaurant. "If I can lose weight so can you," she says.

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