Community Outreach

Conway Medical Center and Conway Medical Center Foundation agreed 16 years ago to partner with Friendship Medical Clinic & Pharmacy in providing health care to low-income residents in Horry County. Without their support the clinic would have great difficulty in securing diagnostic tests and medical procedures as well as maintaining the clinic facility.

When asked about their generosity, Berns Massey, Executive Director of Conway Medical Center Foundation responded, "Conway Medical Center and the Foundation are proud to partner with the clinic in assisting them with providing medical services to the indigent and medically underserved residents in Horry County."

Grand Strand Regional Medical Center generously accepts clinic patients if certain tests are not available at Conway Medial Center. Due to the clinic's long history and credibility within the medical community, we have been fortunate enough to maintain approximately 32 specialists willing to treat clinic patients if a referral is necessary. We refer to these doctors, as "angels."

Depending on a patient's financial situation, oftentimes services are provided at no charge. If the patient has the ability to contribute financially for the services provided, a payment plan may be set up, ranging from $25 - $50, or a one-time nominal fee may be agreed upon.

Friendship Medical Clinic & Pharmacy pays a $75 one-time, thank you payment to each referral doctor that agrees to treat a clinic patient. It is the clinic's way of saying, "thank you".

The clinic also provides secondary prevention and treatment for patients, such as someone diagnosed with or at risk for cardiovascular disease. That patient receives education about heart disease.

Some medications are secured through Patient Assistant Programs, donated samples from community doctors, and the majority is purchased by the clinic.

Best Chance & Conway Medical Center Foundation

Breast and cervical cancer claim the lives of thousands of women every year. Through Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, the Best Chance Network is a national free cancer screening program for women. In conjunction with Best Change Network and Conway Medical Center Foundation, all patients who are eligible to receive care at our clinic, are also eligible to receive the following medical services:
  • Early Detection Program, through Best Chance Network
    • Women 47 - 64 need a:
      • Mammogram (breast x-ray) each year to detect breast cancer.
      • Pap smear to detect cervical cancer.
    • Clinical breast exam
    • Referral for follow-up, if needed
    • Referral for social services, if needed
This same program is available for women 40 - 46 years of age through a grant made available through Conway Medical Center Foundation.

Care for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease in America. Approximately 1/3 of our patients are diabetic. The clinic offers the following services for our diabetic patients:
  • Individual counseling on "living healthy with diabetes" which also includes nutritional information.
  • Conway Medical Center also provides individual counseling for clinic patients, as well as instruction on how to give insulin shots.
  • A1c blood testing is done on a regular basis to monitor sugar levels.
  • All patients are provided a monitor and diabetic strips.
  • The clinic is able to offer eye exams for diabetic patients as well as others experiencing vision difficulty. The clinic is fortunate that Vaught Eye Care donates part of the expense, as well as providing glasses for either $79 or $89, depending on the prescription.

Care for Obese Patients

Obesity is a national crisis. It leads to chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, arthritis and especially diabetes. Obesity has become a serious public health epidemic. Rates have more than doubled from 15% in 1985 to 44% in 2015. Employers are less likely to hire obese persons. The clinic offers the following services:
  • An Individual counseling program is available on nutrition, weight loss, exercise and calorie intake. Doctors and nurses put together patient specific packets of information.
  • Healthy lifestyle choices are also discussed.
We are aware that old habits are hard to break and creating new habits of walking and exercising are difficult to maintain. Read one patient's story under patient success stories.

Dental Care for Patients

SOS Heath Care
Acute dental pain
Phone: 808-9356

Little River Medical Center
Offers limited dental care
Phone: 663-8000

Horry-Georgetown Technical College
A new program for qualifying low income patients; evaluation & treatment by student dental hygienists & volunteer dentist
Phone: 349-5277

Friendship Medical Clinic & Pharmacy, has secured a grant and will be offering limited dental care to patients in 2016.
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