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Our Mission

Friendship Medical Clinic provides free healthcare services and treatment for low-income, uninsured adults, living in Horry County.

Our Goal

Improve health outcomes by providing medical care regardless of the ability to pay for services

A Timeline Of Highlights


Community Of Volunteer Services (CVS)

Starting out, the organization was much less equipped and, for a while, it did not have a physical location. Despite this, through the work from the volunteers and generosity from the community, they were able to grow over time.


The Friendship House

Once the organization was able to acquire a physical location, CVS was changed to, “The Friendship House”. The clinic continued to grow and offer more services to their patients.


A Pharmacy Is Born

Medication supply become an issue, and the clinic is unable to purchase enough medications for patients. To fix this, they ask a pharmacist name Patty Gresko, to set up a state-licensed pharmacy and Patient Assistance Program (PAP).

2001 - Present

Friendship Medical Clinic & Pharmacy

The Friendship House receives a $150,000, three year grant, from the Duke Endowment Foundation. The name is then changed to what it is known as now, “Friendship Medical Clinic and Pharmacy”.

Our History

In 1965, a group of Myrtle Beach High School students formed the Community Service Council. The mission of the organization was to serve the community by assisting low-income residents in need. This organization was the beginning of the present-day Friendship Medical Clinic.